Mollie is our dog. Itīs a West Highland White Terrier. She is a little fine dog and she loves to be out , barking and guarding our garden. Her real name is Rovalecoīs Glimmer Glow. If you know anything about her relatives, please contact us on our e-mail address. Bark,bark!!

We are sorry, but we have to take Mollie away 2009-09-10, due to sikness and oldness.
She was 12 years and 4 month and a lovely little dog all the time.
We did know that the time will come so we diceded to buy a new little Westie

We bought Mimmi in May 2009 only 8 week
and she are very funny little Westie..

Mimmi is now about 5 month and lovely little Westie, very cute
We did send a photo to a contest in a Dogs Magazine Hundmagasinet
Mimmi won 1 price and we got a picture of her in a new mailbox.

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