Here you can see some of my aircraft and what I have made to them: I have logged about 1500 hours and fly regularly, I fly's often between my work in Stockholm and Ístersund its 250 nautical mile twice every weekend in all weather conditions. I will not tell you all stories but there are a lot of them from several ice in the summer to no radios. There is a story who says its safer to fly with this gentlemen with gray hair, instead of this youngsters who don't have it. They will never have gray hair.

Points at the figures you find interesting and you will get some more photos and information

Cessna 175C Skylark
 Rebuilding Citabria 7ECA 1980
   L4/J3Cub 1944
Cessna 180K Skywagon1981
Cessna 172M 1976
 MS Rally 892A-150 1968
   Cherokee 140-1967
Cessna Reims Rocket 1968
For sale
 Cherokee 180 1968

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