In January 2002 I did buy this Lotus Esprit 2,2 Turbo 1984 from UK with only 7400miles and rebuilt engine 1997 by a Lotus specialist in UK.
However it was a leak in exhaust manifold so I was planning to repair it and take the car to the Swedish Car Inspection to made it certified for Swedish register.
But !!!!!!!!!
I asked the Lotus specialist in London how to repair the exhaust leak, and the recommended me if it was necessary, to take the engine up true the tailgate,
but I say no You have to lower it and get it out like a Volkswagen engine.
And so I did.
As an ex development engineer from Volvo Cars in Gothenburg department. complete cars pre production cars and I have a lot of experience in cars and "how to do it".
As usually I could not hold my fingers, and did put it in 1000 pieces, to get it in excellent condition.

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Point at the pictures and you will get the story about this project.

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